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The 3rd Seamount Seminar was held in Qingdao


On 15th June, 2016, the third seminar of "Genesis and Evolution of Seamounts, and Circulation of Deep Components" was held in Qingdao. Professor Li-Hui Chen, the leader of Rockingmantle Group, attended this meeting and give a speech titiled  "The Isotopic Geochemical Features of OIB in West Pacific Ocean", together with Jin-Hua Shi. After the seminar, the conferees took a field trip to the Lingshan island, which is adjacent to Qingdao city, leading by Professor Hong-BoLü from China University of Petroleum (CUP). This island is the tallest one in northern China and is composed of Cretaceous sedimentary rocks and intermediate-felsic volcanic rocks.

Group Photo of the 3rd GESCDC Seminar in Qingdao

Prof. Chen's report on the 3rd GESCDC Seminar

The Post-seminar Field Trip to the Lingshan Island