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Rocking Mantle”Group

Xiao-Jun Wang (Lecturer)
Study/Work Experience

2020.07~                  Lecturer, Northwest University.

2018.07~2020.06,    Assistant Researcher, Nanjing University.

2012.09~2018.06,    Ph.D of Mineralogy, Petrology and Economic Geology in Nanjing University

2008.09~2012.06,    Bachelor of Geology in Chengdu University of Technology

Research Interest
Mantle geochemistry, igneous Petrology, metal isotopic geochemistry
   1): mantle heterogeneity and crustal recycling
   2): genesis of oceanic and continental intraplate basalts
   3): Mg-Fe-Zn-K isotopic fractionation in high-temperature geological processes.
In recent years, my research focuses are:
   1): Ocean island basalts from the South Pacific and the South Atlanic,
   2): Cenozoic continental intraplate basalts from northeast Asia.
1、Nature of the HIMU mantle component: Constraints from Mg and Ca isotopic compositions of HIMU-type oceanic island basalts-Leader, supported by NSFC,(2020-2023)

2、Genesis of Cenozoic small-scale flood basalts in southeast China-Member, supported by NSFC, (2017-2020)

3、Genesis of high Mg# andesites in northeast China-Member, supported by NSFC, (2017-2020)

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