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Rocking Mantle”Group

Associate Research
Study/Work Experience

2019.01~                  Tongji University, Assocaite Research

2016.07~ 2018.12    Tongji University, Postdoctoral Research Associate

2010.09~2016.06     Nanjing University, Geology, Ph. D

2013.12~2015.12,    Rice University, Petrology and Geochemistry, Visiting student

2012.07~2013.07,    IGGCAS, Geochemistry, Visiting student

2011.04~2013.11,    Nanjing University, Lab Assistant

2006.09~2010.07,    Jilin University, Geology, B. Sc

Research interest
   Evolution of marginal sea basin
  Igneous petrology: Understanding the petro-genesis of Cenozoic basalts from the South China Sea region
   Mantle geochemistry: elemental and isotopic studies on mantle derived rocks
   Non-traditional stable isotopes
Petro-geochemical study of oceanic crustal accretion in the initial spreading stage of the South China Sea (IODP-Site U1500) (41906051), 2020-2022, 270K RMB, NSFC, Lead PI

Mg and Fe isotopic compositions of Miocene mid-ocean ridge basalts from the South China Sea (MG20190301), 2019.01-12, 150K RMB, SKMG Foundation, Lead PI

Petro-genesis of MORBs from South China Sea (17YF1420300), 2017-2020, 200K RMB, Shanghai Sailing Program, Lead PI

Petrogenetic study of Miocene mid-ocean ridge basalt from southeast subbasin of South China Sea and its tectonic significance (MG20160408), 2017-2018, 50K RMB, Chinese Postdoctoral Science Foundation, Lead PI

Genesis and source features of Miocene volcanic breccia from South China Sea (MG20160408), 2016-2017, 100K RMB, SKMG Foundation, Lead PI
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